Work conducted at the health insurance center

The following work is being conducted:
For further details, check the "Health" page of the "Living Guide."

  • Vaccination (BCG 4 type mix (diphtheria / whooping cough / tetanus / inactive polio); Inactive polio; 2 type mix (diphtheria / tetanus); measles and rubella mix (MR); chickenpox; Japanese encephalitis; Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b); pediatric pneumococcus; cervical cancer prevention; pneumococcus of the elderly; influenza of the elderly)
  • Lifestyle disease check (check for stomach cancer; check for colon cancer; check for lung cancer / tuberculosis; check for cervical cancer; check for breast cancer; check for prostatic cancer; check for hepatitis virus; adult dentistry check-up; check for osteoporosis; general medical examination)
  • Functional training
  • Dental consultation for Minami-kawachi handicapped children (adults)
  • Nutrition advise for preserving health
  • Visitation and guidance
  • Health check for pregnant women
  • Health check for infants and young children (general check-up for infants; check-up for 4 month old infants; check-up for growing infants; check-up for 1 year 6 month old children; check-up for 2 year 6 month old children including dental check-up; check-up for 3 year 6 month old children)
  • Skin care education meets
  • Financial support for particular infertility treatment etc.
  • Dealing with passive smoking
  • When you are distressed by sudden illness (Pediatric clinic open at night and on holidays)
  • Consultation for personal concerns

 For further details please check the "child rearing" page of "lifestyle guide."

  • Mother and child classroom (Mom & Dad classroom; weaning educational meets; baby play area; smiley teeth-brushing classroom; shiny teeth-brushing classroom)
  • Infant and child allergies phone consultation
  • "Hello baby!" home visitation, etc.