Residents' Association

 It is important for people of a region, who have varying viewpoints and lead their own individual lifestyles, to be able to accept one another, and have consideration for one another.
 However, having our own lifestyles does not make it acceptable to live a selfish lifestyle. In order for us to live in harmony with those around us, we must cooperate, and give way to one another. In order to build a region where every one of us can enjoy a healthy, pleasant and safe lifestyle, we residents must connect with one another. The Residents’ Council gives shape to this notion.
 If you would like to join the Residents' Association/Housing Association, please contact the representative for that association.
 The representatives can be contacted by enquiring at your neighborhood, or Citizen Cooperation / Lifelong Learning Advancement Group of the city hall.
 Membership of the Residents' Association / Housing Association is voluntary. Please note that there are responsibilities (such as membership fee, role duties) which members agree to uphold.