Funds for Promoting Citizen Activities of Public Interest

 This is a system for laying down the funds that support citizen activities of public interest, through the cooperation of citizens and administration.
 The funds contributed by citizens and businesses are matched in equal amount by the city in the "gift matching" system we have adopted.

[Appliance of Funds]

 The funds raised are used as a financial source for groups involved in activities that benefit citizens and solve regional issues, improving welfare, protecting the environment, providing health education for the young, promoting culture and the arts, and international exchange. 

[How to Contribute] 

Reception: Enquire directly at Citizen Cooperation / Lifelong Learning Advancement Group of the city hall.
Reception hours: 9 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

[Tax Incentives]

 Contributors can receive a tax deduction by filing an income tax return.

《Applying to make a donation / Enquiries regarding funds》

Citizen Cooperation / Lifelong Learning Advancement group, Policy Co-ordination Office
Tel: 072-366-0011 Internal line: 241 
Fax: 072-366-0051