City Volunteer Registration

  Any citizen with a sincere interest and enthusiasm towards volunteer activities, who fulfills all of the following requirements, may register as a city volunteer.

  • Persons residing and working/studying in Osakasayama, 18 years of age or older.
  • Persons able to serve as a city volunteer based on request.
  • Persons able to participate in gatherings and training related to city volunteer activities.

  "City volunteer registration" is a system that registers city volunteers and offers volunteer opportunities at the time of request from citizens or groups requiring assistance.
  For further details, please direct your enquiries to Citizen Cooperation / Lifelong Study Advancement Group, or Volunteer Information Desk.

[ Volunteer Information Desk ]

City hall South building, 1-862-5 Sayama, Osakasayama 589-0005
TEL: 072-360-1011 FAX: 072-360-1012