Cans / Bottles (recyclable garbage)

How to dispose of cans / bottles
Please place them in the recycle boxes set up in each district.

Please observe the following rules:

  • Always empty the contents and rinse the can / bottle with water.
  • Do not dispose of cans / bottles while they are inside plastic bag or cardboard box.
  • Please do not tie plastic bags to the recycle box.
  • When placing trash in the recycle box, consider the time and try not to be loud.

Do not put the following items in the recycle box. Instead, put an oversized trash sticker on garbage which includes these items and leave them out on a day for collecting oversized trash.
18-liter square cans, cooking oil cans, spray cans, cosmetic bottles, crockery, light bulbs, fluorescent lamp glass, bottle caps and so on.