Registration system for needed support during evacuation

 When the city is inflicted by an earthquake, wind, or water based disaster, there are people in their homes such as the elderly, the handicapped, the diseased, who require assistance in evacuation. For these people we are running a registration system for needed support during evacuation (for people who are in need of assistance during time of crisis).
 The information on this name list (register) will be shared among commissioned welfare / child welfare volunteers, voluntary organizations for disaster prevention (residents' association etc.) in the region. Daily vigilance, and communication support / evacuation guidance support in the event of a disaster will be available throughout the entire region. Registration can be made with the Disaster Management Group of the city hall. When an individual is unable to apply in person, it is possible for someone to make an application on their behalf. Registered personal information will be handled appropriately by related organisations and groups, and will not be used for any purpose other than the support of the individual who made the registration.