Osakasayama City and Gimje City of Korea

 On the 27th of June 2012 (Wednesday), Lee Gun-Sik, mayor of Gimje City in Korea and his 6 officials visited Japan for the ceremonial signing of a "Letter of Intent on Friendship and Cooperation" between Osakasayama City and Gimje City. The letter of intent was signed by both mayors.

 The dam style bank of Sayama Pond, built in the 7th century using the ancient construction technique of "leaf laying," and the Byeokgolje dam of Gimje City, built in the 4th century could be said to be siblings. Starting with the pledge to work together in establishing these as World Heritage sites, this letter of intent records the intent to cooperate in promoting the friendly sharing of culture, sights, and education.
 Further advancement research and investigation based on international cooperation is expected from here onwards.