1. (Issuance of a residence certificate copy) Procedures for requesting a residence certificate copy

  • Residence certificate copy
  • Non-residence certificate copy (for persons who have a record of previously being a resident of Osakasayama and who have ceased residing in the city in the last five years)
  • Certificate of items stated in residence certificate, etc.

2. (Notification of moving-in) Procedures when moving into Osakasayama from outside the city and outside Japan

3. (Notification of moving out) Procedures when moving out of Osakasayama or Japan

4. (Notification of change of residence) Procedures when moving within Osakasayama

5. (Notification of change to household composition) Procedures when changing the head of the household and combining or separating households

6. (Seal registration) Procedures when registering a seal

7. (Issuance of a certificate of registered seal) Procedures when requesting a certificate of registered seal

8. (Basic Resident Registration Network)

  • Residence certificate code
  • Issuance of a  residence certificate copy outside of Osakasayama
  • Basic Resident Registration Card
  • Special exceptions to moving-in and out using a Basic Resident Registration Card

9. (Issuance of an official copy of a family register) Procedures when requesting proof of a family register or a supplementary family register copy

  • Certificate of all items in family register (official copy of a family register)
  • Certificate of individual items in a family register (official copy of part of a family register)
  • Certificate of all items of removal from a family register (removal from a family register) or certificate of removal of individual items from a family register (official copy of removal of part of a family register)
  • Original official copy of a family register or original official copy of part of a family register
  • Certificate of a portion of a family register (certificate of items stated in family register)
  • Supplementary family register (removal from a family register/original family register) copy
  • Certificate of acceptance of family register notification
  • Copy or proof of death certificate, etc.

10. (Birth registration) Procedures when a child has been born

11. (Death registration) Procedures when a family member has passed away

12. (Marriage registration) Procedures when getting married

13. (Divorce registration) Procedures when getting divorced

14. (Fees table) A table of types of certificates, etc., and associated fees