Welcome to Osakasayama

 Hello. I am Tomoyoshi Yoshida, the mayor of Osakasayama.
Osakasayama is a city filled with nature, and Japan’s oldest pond, Sayama Pond, is located at its center.
 We place people at the center of our community building, aiming for community building which is friendly to all people, which cultivates a strong sense of humanity in each and every citizen, and which creates a city in which all residents can lead full lives in peace while respecting each other's human rights.
 In addition, in order to hand Osakasayama over to the next generation, the city is promoting community building which is conducted via cooperative citizen autonomy in which all people involved in Osakasayama are aware that they are responsible for citizen autonomy and everyone proactively participates and cooperates in community building.
 We will continue to promote the creation of an attractive community which will make many people will wish to live and continue to live in Osakasayama.