Overview of Osakasayama

 Osakasayama is a city alive with ancient history and culture rich in greenery and water, including Sayama Pond, the oldest pond in Japan.

 City Location, Extent, Elevation, and Area

  • Location – 34 degrees 30 minutes North, 135 degrees 33 minutes East
  • Extent - North/south: 7.0 km; east/west: 2.4 km
  • Elevation – Max: 165 m; min: 52 m
  • Area: 11.86 km2

The Symbolism of the City Emblem

The overall shape of the emblem represents the hiragana character “さ” (sa), the first character in “Sayama” when writing in hiragana, while the upper figure forms the shape of a mountain, like the character for mountain, “山” (yama), at the end of Sayama when written with Chinese characters. The circle at the bottom represents the citizens of Osakasayama living together in harmony. The overall image of the emblem represents the city of Osakasayama advancing proudly towards the future like a great bird spreading its wings.

City Flower and Tree

City Flower: The Azalea
The azalea is a plant which is decorated with flowers in shades of white, pink, red, and purple from spring to summer. Azaleas have been popular since ancient times as garden plants and bonsai. Starting in Tokiyama in early summer, brilliant azalea blossoms bloom throughout the city. A large number of azalea bushes are planted around public facilities in the city, wrapping buildings in beautiful colors during the flowering season. The azalea is the perfect flower for a beautiful city surrounded by greenery such as Osakasayama, and it was selected as the city flower in order to foster a love of nature and cultivate good taste and solidarity in citizens.
City Tree: The Cherry Tree
Cherry trees are planted around schools, shrines, and temples, and are popular with many people. The city is filled with famous locations for viewing cherry trees, including tree-lined avenues in residential areas, along rail lines, and around public parks and cemeteries, bringing delight to all who view them in spring. In addition, cherry trees are popular in Japan not only for the beauty of their blossoms and the graceful image of the same when falling in the wind, but also for the shape of the tree itself and the beauty of the color of their leaves in autumn. As a tree suitable for a beautiful and livable city like Osakasayama where traditions still live on to this day, the cherry tree was selected as the city tree.